Salon Coordinator


With a love for nature and the warm sun I have learned to stop and smell the roses as they say. After graduating high school I immediately ran off to College to begin working on a degree in Business with a concentration in Sales and Marketing. After graduating in 2006 I learned the real life skills necessary to become successful in my field and Iʼm here to tell you I did not like it! With a few years of entry level sales positions under my belt I landed my first management position as Director of Sales and Marketing leading a full sales team to victory every month meeting quotas and deadlines that continuously elevated. After years of living the same month one after another I realized I was working so hard to meet a deadline only to have the same one pose itself for the following month. Needless to say I felt like a dog chasing my own tail when a friend of mine introduced the idea of using my skills in an alternative way! Iʼve always loved being an 80ʼs baby, growing up in the greatest era of self expression in my opinion, I have always found myself staying up to date with current fashion trends and style icons. The way you are able to represent yourself is indicative to who you are, thus I was drawn to a career where the skills I have obtained will not be wasted by making cold calls and filing invoice reports daily but by making people feel great. By making Soda Salon and Gallery my new home I hope to bring a level of professionalism only to be matched by my genuine southern hospitality. The charity work and community service offered by Soda Salon provide a level of self satisfaction that makes me honored to be part of this team.