Erik Pearson began his career by training under top stylists from around the world while traveling for Redken International. He continued his education by studying advanced levels with both Toni&Guy as well as Vidal Sasson. After traveling and studying, Erik broke off on his own to play with everything he learned and to experiment with original ideas. This expertise led him to work on music videos, television shows, commercials, film, magazine and various print work as well as fashion runways seen around the world during New York’s exclusive Fashion Week. Erik has been shown in American Vogue Magazine and recognized as a young up-and-coming artist in fashion and design. Erik’s work has also been featured in Elle, Allure, InStyle, and Lucky magazines and his makeovers have been seen on many episodes of “Movie and a Makeover” as well as “Hot in My Salon.”  Before the creation of Soda, Erik and wife Tracey became Art and Marketing Directors for a series of award winning salons in Atlanta, where they continued to cultivate their creativity in various media forms, designing photo shoots, and educational programs. They have become highly sought after stylists after working with actors/models from around the world who have been in all the top magazines, seen on popular television shows, and award winning films. Erik and Tracey traveled around the country teaching for several top hair care manufacturers, together they developed new techniques in cutting and coloring for stylists to work with their salon environments. In 2004 Erik and Tracey Pearson decided to revolutionize the salon environment, they brought their passion, education and assembled a team of some of the industries most talented hair and makeup stylist to form Soda Salon.  Today you can find Erik enthusiastically sharing all he knows with his clients, and students at Soda Salon, his favorite time is spent with his special clients at the Mini Soda Salon at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta.  It is his goal to see this philanthropic effort spread across the country with other likeminded industry professionals.


We took all the lessons and techniques we learned while working with so many amazing artists from around the world and designed Soda’s Protégé program to train our team at the highest level.
— Erik Pearson

“We took all the lessons and techniques we learned while working with so many amazing artists from around the world and designed Soda’s Protégé program to train our team at the highest level.” Each and every member of the Soda Team has undergone hundreds of hours of training under the guidance of Erik and Tracey, guaranteeing that each member has the opportunity to grow to their highest potential as stylists, support team, management, and future salon partners.  But it doesn’t stop there, Erik and Tracey insist on learning all the tricks and techniques available, so each year they hosts as many top stylists and  product manufacturers to join the Soda team for intensive workshops.

In 2010 Erik and Tracey achieved the first step in creating their long term goal of building a “Mini Soda Salon” at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.  After helping raise money for this worthy organization since the beginning of Soda, the Soda team received permission to start working one on one with the patients at Children’s Hospital.  “Not only do we provide cuts and styles for the amazing kids in long term care at Children’s, but we play games, talk about movies and music and most importantly laugh together! Many of these kids are here for four to six months at a time, and nothing is more refreshing then hanging out and talking about things other then treatments, therapy, and being in a hospital.”   This year the Mini Soda at Children’s Hospital has gotten the next level of permission to build out it’s space to resemble our Atlanta Soda both in function and form.  Truely allowing kids to feel as though they have left the hospital and entered