Level 1-Stylist

       cuts: $35


       Do it with passion, or not at all.


Finch accredits her passion for hair to being born in in the 1980s, aka, 

The Time of the Greatest Hair. After spending her formative years in Pittsburgh, PA, 

she moved to Marietta, where she currently resides. In college, she pursued a 

degree in Psychology and landed a job in insurance, where she sat at a desk all day 

and decorated her cubicle with pictures of cats. Although it was a successful job, 

it lacked any form of passion, or fulfillment, or happiness. So at the dawn of her 

30th birthday, she heard the calling of a more creative career, and set off to follow 

her dream. She enrolled at the Toni&Guy Academy Atlanta, where she excelled in 

hair and makeup. It was thrilling for her to work on student-run fashion shows, 

photo shoots with models, and the annual student soiree. But although she enjoyed 

these events, her most favorite thing was to make every client feel amazing and 

beautiful. As she continues her education and career at Soda, she hopes to share 

her passion with every one she meets.