Going back to school is so exciting and yet can be so stressful for kids and their families. Especially stressful for the families who are unable to provide their kids with all the tools they may need. What’s the outcome of mothers, fathers, teachers, doctors, nurses, and (last but not least) hairstylists, all coming together to help the community? The annual Tools 4 School charity event organized by the Act Together Ministries! Prior to school starting up, I had the privilege to volunteer at the Tools 4 School charity event where elementary school students could get all their back-to-school supplies for the new year. Kids could pick out backpacks, binders and other class room materials, get their physical check up’s, and have some snacks during the event- but wait, it gets better! They could also get new awesome haircuts!  I was so excited to put some smiles on these kids faces as they got a new style to show off confidently as they walk down the halls back at school.


My first client was a rad little dude with beautiful thick curly hair who wanted a mohawk. Yes, his mother gave him permission and yes, he was 110%sure he wanted 3/4 of his head shaved. Right on.  At the grand age of 9 this kid had the right confidence to match such a cool style. After giving him the mirror to take a look he casually replied, “One more inch off each side please.” Two inches shaved later and he was gripping the mirror reflecting an ear to ear grin as he ran off with his fresh cut and school ready backpack. The rest of the kids I met throughout the afternoon were just as great and had a blast getting their hair cut. I was so glad to be able to help families out and give their kids confidence when heading back to school. I was completely gratified to have the opportunity to share the in-salon experience we provide our clients here at Soda everyday with the children at the Tools 4 School event.